CIPD is the supreme professional body for anyone in the UK who is working for HR. It has more than 150K members globally.  As well it offers training, courses knowledge, and resources to support HR experts in growing their skills and boosting their careers. Hence in this article, we are going to talk ultimate guide to the CIPD courses.

What are CIPD Courses?

So, what are these courses are what do they offer? And what kind of courses are suited for specific roles? Happily, they are organized easily. There are 3 types of CIPD courses that the body provides for HR and L and D experts. These courses are given below.

  1. CIPD level 3 foundation certificate

2.Level 5 associate diploma

  1. Level 7 advanced diploma

Level 3 Foundation Course

It’s an entry-level course and the aim of this course is for beginners who are new in the field of HR. So it is also the first stage towards the careers of individuals in HR and L & D. But this course mainly focuses on teaching practical skills that you can utilize at work while you are studying. The level 3 course is the best way to obtain your foot in the people profession and a good springboard for HR future chances

Level 5 Associate Diploma

This course takes your learning to the next level. So, this course is roughly equal to the intermediate level. The aim of this course is for people who have relevant experience and past knowledge of HR knowledge. Now these people want to move to the more senior roles with level 5.

Level 7 Advanced Diploma

The Level 7 Advanced Diploma is roughly equal to the master’s degree. The aim of this course is for individuals who have a lot of years of expertise in the domain of HR. Most of these people are heads of the departs and directors.

How to select the right course?

1. Select how you would like to study

There are different formats that the chartered Institute of Personnel and Development offers. But before the internet people were limited in their study options, if they wanted to take a professional course, they had to go to a college or university. However, these days this changed, thanks to the digital revolution. So it is very simple to start the CIPD course.  Hence there are 2 modes in which people study these courses.

2. Online

It is pretty much what it sounds like.  It is online learning and people only need a strong Wi-Fi connection. So, with an online course, you can study the CIPD course at your own pace and any time you want. You can join this course weekly which is led by a teacher with other students virtually. With studying online, tons of CIPD Assignment Writers UK will support you. But then you should know some pros and cons of online courses.


  1. You can study whenever, whatever you want enabling you manage time with family, friends, and other pledges.
  2. So, the cost of an online course is cheaper in contrast to other forms of study
  3. As well you do not need to spend money on traveling to the university


  1. You have to become reasonably inspired to prosper as a means to finish the CIPD course
  2. To study the online course you must have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Online study can become a lonely experience from time to time

3. Physical

Once you are studying a physical format you will need to go to the university once in a week. So, you will have to take part in a face-to-face class which is led by the teacher. As well there are other students too.


  1. Physical courses are great if you are good with others.
  2. These courses help you to stay inspired


  1. However, physical courses are costlier in contrast to online courses
  2. You will have to consider the travel costs

4. Select your current knowledge and skills

A helpful way to find the CIPD course that is best suitable for you is to think about your areas of knowledge and skills which it senses like you have gaps. So you need to think about organizing the parts of the course that you identify like the back of your hand. Hence consider the parts you are struggling with or you have to figure it out.

5. Select if you are motivated by CIPD membership

Among the benefits of finishing a CIPD course is that you automatically obtain the membership once you finish the course. So, for several people, this is one of the critical factors that inspire their study. But this kind of membership you will obtain will depend upon the course you will finish. So, if you finish a CIPD certificate you will the foundation membership. With the level 5, you will get the associate membership. But once you finish the advanced diploma you will obtain the associate membership.

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