Are you looking forward to making your career in HR? Well, that is quite fantastic news. The human resource management field is getting vast day by day. Thus, specialising in it is actually really vital. Wondering why? Multiple reasons, for starters. The HR specialism will expose you to multiple job opportunities. Furthermore, it will also provide you with higher salary packages.

Have no clue about how many types of HR specialism there are? Fret not! Because in this guide, we will explore different HR specialism types. Moreover, we will also discuss the tips and tricks that will help you in making the right choice for yourself. So, stick to the guide till the end and find all the answers to your queries. But, before that, let’s learn a bit about the field of HR.

Now, on to the article!

What is a Human Resource Specialist?

Are you uncertain about what is a human resource specialist and what benefits you can get by doing HR specialism? Well, to clarify, an HR specialist plays a pivotal role in the field of HR. From handling business operations to employee recruitment, these specialists perform all the functions of a manager.

Let’s see some of the other duties that an HR specialist has to perform. They are:

  • An HR specialist connects with the head of an organisation to talk about basic employment needs.
  • Furthermore, they hire rightful candidates for different positions within the organisation.
  • They interview the candidates to seek insights into their experiences, skills and basic knowledge.
  • Manage employee benefits and compensation.
  • Lastly, with their amazing problem-solving skills tackle the different challenges of the organisations.

Types of HR Specialism

Now, you have quite a bit of understanding of the HR specialism. Let’s shed some light on the different types of HR specialisms you can opt for if you are keen on taking your career to the next level. They are:

1.     Recruitment Specialism

Have a great knack for understanding which candidate will be perfect for the job? Well, then you can definitely do HR specialism in recruitment. Basically, here, you will have to source and contact a suitable job candidate. Moreover, you work closely with hiring managers to advertise the job openings. Do you know what’s the best part of this HR specialism? You can work remotely from the comfort of your own house.

2.     Compensation and Benefits Specialism

It is another great HR specialism you can do. Here, you will be responsible for creating monetary benefits and packages for the employees. Moreover, you can get to make sure that the employee’s salary is competitive and complies with the labour laws. Now, that is for someone who loves numbers and accounting, even if it is related to HR.

3.     Employee Relations or ER Specialism

Do you have good problem-solving skills and think you can resolve the conflicts? Well, then, this HR specialism is definitely the correct choice for you. When you work with diverse groups of people, there are bound to be different conflicts. An ER specialist is responsible for solving such problems. Moreover, they promote a healthy working environment.

4.     HR Information System Specialism

As the name suggests, this HR specialism is related to technology. Now, you might be wondering what the role of tech is in the HR field. The answer is quite simple. Every organisation uses different systems to store employee data. Well, the role of such specialists is to check whether or not the data is up to date. Moreover, they also ensure that the system is easy to use.
So, if you are fond of different gadgets and tech-related products, then this HR specialism is for you.

5.     Training And Development Specialism

Many of you have a concept that HR is only for managing and recruitment. However, it is far from the truth. This type of HR specialist deals with developing different training programs. Well, the experts in this field create multiple programs and sessions to increase employee engagement. However, they work closely to enhance work performance.

Other Types of HR Specialism

The above-mentioned HR specialisms were the most common types that people opt for. However, that absolutely does not mean that HT specialism is only confined to these types. There are others, too. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Payroll
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Analytics
  • Company Culture
  • Employment Law

How to Do HR Specialism and Become An Expert?

You have reached this part of the guide, which means you are aware of the different types of HR specialism. Well, kudos to you for sticking to the guide!. Now, let’s take a look at some tips on how you can do HR specialism and become an expert in this field.

1.     Gain Your Bachelor’s Degree in The Relevant Field

Have a clear mind on what you want to do ahead in your career? Good, now it is high time you gain your bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. The individuals interested in the HR field opt for degrees like BBA, psychology and HR. Thus, if you want to do HR specialism, then get yourself enrolled in a bachelor’s program.

2.     Develop Your Skills

It is another way for you to become an HR specialist. While enrolled in a Bachelor’s program, you will be required to do different assignments, case studies and coursework. So, through these, try enhancing your skills and knowledge. Have hands-on experience through these. Also, to enhance your performance, you can seek help from the HR Assignment Writing Service UK.

3.     Build A Professional Network

It is another great way of becoming an HR specialist. These professional networks are going to come in handy for your future job opportunities. Thus, try connecting with different HR professionals and experts. You can use LinkedIn to foster professional relationships.

4.     Seek Internships

Want to have work experience before you dive into the professional world of HR? Well, then, what’s better than doing an internship in the field of HR. This way, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of how a HR specialist works. Now, that’s what we call the best tip.


If you have a knack of interacting with different people belonging to different stages and want to build your career in HR, then doing HR specialism is nothing but a smooth road to your dreams. In this guide we have mentioned the different types of HR specialism you can opt for. So, do not make any haste decision. Take a deep breath, analyse each type of a HR specialist and choose the one that matches your interests.

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