What to Do When Bored in Class

What to Do When Bored in Class


There is always something to do when one feels bored in class, the solution lies in being pro-active. Distraction in a class is a general issue that is familiar to many learners. And while it is possible to yawn and stare into space, it is possible to deal when you feel bored in a better way.

1. Take Detailed Notes

This is among the most effective methods that can be used to fight boredom during lessons and that is through noting. Not only does this hold the attention needed but it also reinforces the knowledge you’ve acquired in class. Perhaps differentiate the notes, by using concepts such as Cornell notes, graphic organizers, or outlines. Writing your impressions about the material and the questions you have before you as a result of notes can be helpful. As it would be interesting to press further with your peers or teacher.

2. Participate Actively

It means that people can drive a car, use a computer. Or play with a toy at full concentrations and do not get bored.

3. The best approach

The ideal approach is to relate the Material to Your Interests where one can take a subject that he or she has an interest in and try to relate it to the material Being taught in class.

In some cases the material taught in class might seem irrelevant or boring. But attempt to discover how that subject can be related to your interests or real life situations. For instance, when in a history class, try to see how the subject, history is in one way or another related to the present day events or even the actual events that one come across in daily life. As such, developing such associations aids one in perceiving benefits of what is being implanted and makes it exciting.

4. Set Personal Challenges

To overcome What to Do When Bored in Class, the following tip may be of help: If the class material that the teacher has set is too easy to solve, then you can set your challenges to help you stay focused and alert. This could be in terms of waiting to know what the teacher has to say next. Attempting to give a summary of the lecture in the most natural way; or even studying for a possible test.

5. Stay Physically Engaged

Well this shows that there are ways to fight mental boredom such as engage in other forms of physical activity. Write down the notes on paper or on an electronic device rather than typing them on the computer as the circulation of hand may make you more alert. If you can, try to get an upright position preferably at the back of the class or wiggle in the chair to exercise your muscles at regular intervals. It is amazing how only a minor shift in the amount of physical activity necessary to improve the situation can help the mind to focus.

6. Continue With Other Related Tasks

If the meeting itself becomes boring, one should multitask and use the time for additional assignments or readings. I find that this can help you stay productive. If you use your time wisely, make the most of the class time. Just don’t forget, though, this should not turn into focus that diverts attention from the present lecture or interfers with the class.

7. Organize Your Materials

It also means the students should use the time to arrange their notes, planner or class material conveniently. This can help to lessen stress and enable you to be better prepared in case you are affected.

8. Practice Mindfulness

Lack of occupation may cause boredom, as well as possession of weak associations or get caught up in other things. There are many techniques in practicing mindfulness that can assist you in being in tune with your present situation and environment. Other examples include counting to ten, thinking of a neutral thought or breathing, doing a body sign, or even considering something positive. Such as being lucky enough to learn this new concept. Mindfulness saves stress and enhance your concentration on the delivery of the classes and their contents.

9. Discuss with Classmates

Group discussions with fellow students. Or after class with the peers can be worthy if you think What to Do When Bored in Class. Since it provides new angles and makes the content more intriguing. Tate bottle discussions or discussions with friends and or colleagues will be very beneficial. Since they can expose you to diverse opinions and views on the material. This also has a social context to it. This can be one of the reasons why it is effective in making the process enjoyable.

10. Students should speak:

Students need to be able to speak with their teacher at some point when they have issues or something on their mind that they wish to get off their chest.

If you repeatedly feel What to Do When Bored in Class, you might want to chat with a teacher. Obviously they may offer more references, recommend strategies in how to study such material or even change their approach. Teachers also need to be informed and may well welcome a chance to adjust the class to be more enjoyable to the bulk of the population.


It can be argued that boredom in class is far from being productive. But it does not necessarily mean that it has to be a total waste of time. In this case, the material can be brought to life by relating it to your passions, setting goals for yourself, learning new things about the subject. And avoiding boredom by being productive in the time that would be wasted otherwise. These strategies not only ease the process of concentration but also contribute to more effective learning and thus make the process of education more satisfactory.

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